Configure Software Repository for Appstack

By default, Appstack installation is configured with Software Repository pointing to Appcara (i.e.


For customers who would like to have their own Software Repository, follow the steps below:


Install Software Repository

1. download Software Repository from

2. extract the tar file to a directory (i.e. /repo)

3. create a symlink
ln -s /repo /opt/appcara/software_repo

4. test the new software repository link http://{appstackurl}/softwarerepo

5. vi /etc/puppet/hiera_appstack

6. change the repo: value to http://{appstackurl}/softwarerepo


Update Appstack Site Preference

1. Login to Appstack URL as admin

2. Click on Settings >> Site Preference

3. On the left panel, click on App Deployment

4. Under Software Repository, update Repository URL to new repo URL accordingly


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