Configure Appstack Express trial on Proxy environment

For enterprise setup that uses proxy for external web connection, the appliance has to be configured with appropriate proxy servers to allow both http and https connection.


1. The proxy can be configured from the files below:




2. To validate that it is able to communicate with our licensing server, run the following command and make sure it is responding as connected.



3. Configure CAS server to use IP address instead of localhost

- mysql -u username -p password

- use cloudengine;

- select * from site_preferences where name like 'cas%';

- it should display the cas server information in column 'value', take note of the id

- update site_preferences set value='ipaddress:8443/cas' where id='id';

- execute "wget https://ipaddress:8443/case --no-check-certificate" to validate that it can browse the CAS server


4. restart Appstack service

- appstack restart








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