Citrix CloudPlatform Cloud Data Center Setup

The AppStack cloud application management platform supports cloud environments based on Citrix CloudPlatform / Apache CloudStack. By using AppStack on CloudPlatform, users gain AppStack's simple portal driven capabilities for launching and managing applications in CloudPlatform based cloud targets.

In order to use CloudPlatform via Appstack, please follow the pre-requisites and steps described below. Note that CloudPlatform should be installed before AppStack is installed, as many of the CloudPlatform parameters will be required as input for AppStack to be configured. This setup guide will lead you through the required steps in the AppStack Admin Portal, as well as how to setup a Cloud Profile based on CloudPlatform through the AppStack User Portal. Note that several of these steps will be automated in a future release of AppStack.


  • Install CloudPlatform: a Citrix CloudPlatform instance should be installed, configured and started before performing these setup steps in AppStack. ** Please note that AppStack currently certifiies XenServer 6.0.2 and CloudPlatform and requires CloudPlatform to be implemented using the Advanced Networking option for multi-tenancy VLAN separation.

  • User Credentials: You will need access to the API Key, Secret Key, Username, and Password. These credentials all belong to the ROOT domain in CloudPlatform, and can be accessed from the CloudPlatform Management Console.

  • AppStack Admin Portal Account: This will allow you to enter any CloudPlatform metadata information into AppStack


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