Import Appstack Appliance to Virtual Box

Virtual Box version 4 or higher is required
  1. Unzip the package file. 
  2. Launch the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager application on the virtualization host.
  3. In the File menu, click Import Appliance.
  4. In the Appliance Import Wizard dialog, click Choose and select your Appstack VM OVA file from the location where the package was unzipped to. Click Continue.
  5. A list of configuration settings is displayed. Check the "Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards" box, then press the Import button.
  6. Once the VM is imported, select it and click the Settings button, and then the Network tab.
  7. Change Adapter 1 from "NAT" to "Bridged Adapter"
  8. Optional: Under Advanced, Press the "Refresh" icon beside the MAC Address field. This could be necessary if multiple cloned VMs are being installed.
  9. Power up the VM and wait for the login prompt to appear in the console.
    • Default credential for the AppStack Express VM is:
      • Username: acuser
      • Password: @pp5tack!
  10. Access the URL http://{eth0-ip}/admin to activate the trial license.
    • To find out what your AppStack Express IP address is, log on to the AppStack Express VM using the above credential and run the following command:
      • ifconfig
      • The IP address {eth0-ip} is in the output as below:
      • inet addr:
    • To obtain the URL, username, and password for your AppStack adminsitrator login, please read the information under the "Start the VM and Activate Your License Key" section below


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