Integrate Active Directory into Appstack

Active Directory integration in Appstack has two main features:

- Users authentication

- Virtual Machine domain join to customer existing AD infrastructure


Please follow steps below to enable Active Directory integration into Appstack:

1. Login as admin

2. Navigate to Settings menu, click on Site Preference

3. On Site Preference page, click on Authentication on the left panel

4. Scroll to LDAP and fill in the necessary information

AD LDAP System port is 636 by default which require TLS authentication

AD Admin Name is in Distinguished Name (DN)

AD System base DN is the container that Appstack will query for Users and Computers object

Take note that the Admin user has to be in "AD System Base DN".


5. Now logon as normal user and navigate to Settings -> My Account

6. Click on Preferences tab

7. Click on Yes in for LDAP Authentication




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